Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Living today in Bullhead City retired I am afforded the luxury of not having to truck my toys on busy weekends to the trails or my boat to the river. But it was not always that way when it all started for me at age 13 with my first dirt bike a 1970 Suzuki 185 Sierra (see pic). Dirt biking had just started to take off and thanks to my Step-Dad and his Honda LT 250 (see pic) we were gone every weekend from our Torrance LA home at either a race (enduro) or camping in the mountains-desert drinking beer and riding the trails. Today drinking beer and recreational activities are a big NO-NO, but in those days when the beer cans rolled out of your camper at the gas station, the service attendant would trash them for you, clean your windshield, fill your gas ($0.28 a gallon), and give you a discount coopon for a new six-pac of beer.  With all the bad habbits our society had in those days it was real fun and we had our own home built RV which could sleep 6 and still carry 4 motorcycles in the back. One old 1967 Chevy delivery truck we bought at auction for $750 and 300 hours of welding and fabrication we named it Goliath because it was 40 feet long which was unheard of in those days. So luckly for me I got introduced early and been riding motorcycles in one form or another ever since.

So with boating, dirt & street biking, shooting, and golfing all in my back yard what is left? How about a pool you say. My last home in Chesapeake Virginia had a pool that only I used once a week as my kids were almost adults and were not interested. Installing one here with the river down the block didn’t make much sense either especially at contract cost at $40,000-$60,000 for a small pool, not to mention up keep and heating cost of about $2000 a year and rising, I couldn’t ignore the fact that economically it made no sense when you could use that money to buy more motorcycles (just kidding maybe).

   So I am stuck using the private community pool and exercise club house, not exactly the Toshmahal but its private and hardly used in this retirement community as I have yet to see one other person when I am there (see pics). The cost is in the association dues of $25 a month.