Saturday, May 6, 2006


I recently acquired a 1-year-old pure breed Bombay cat from the Bullhead animal shelter. Apparently the couple that owned him entered assisted living and the cat was given up. Hershey out of about 20 cats was the only one who greeted me twice on a visit to the shelter as if I was his owner. Bombay’s although prized to most are just another black cat with bad luck, which in this case was good for me and good for Hershey since he had only 2 days left before the gas chamber. It has been 5 weeks now since I brought him home and compared to all the other cats I have had he is a real charmer and very much like the breed description intelligent, quiet, none shedding and unafraid of dogs. My dog Tiffany has given up trying to intimidate Hershey who just holds his ground. Hershey reminds me of some rare breed people who love life but need little drama. Anyway I got Hershey a new cat tree that came in a box and had to be assembled. Not a big deal for me but it seems like almost everything you buy these days is labels “assembly required” and wonder how others who cant assemble get by.