Friday, May 5, 2006


Although I purchased some property in Golden Shores (5 lots) I haven't taken any time to really know the riding areas until yesterday being almost 30 miles from Bullhead where I live now. One of the things I had asked Rose the real-estate agent  2 years ago when I bought 5 lots was "besides boating what do people do here?" Rose replied "off roading". This at the time didn't mean much to me cause I assumed the geography was the same as Bullhead, very rocky requiring full impact protective gear. However right behind Golden Sores I noticed lots of vertical sandy trails which appeared to be a small isolated pockets but after riding it yesterday it is simply incredible how large the area it is with the finest clay sand layer 2-4 feet deep on every road, hill and trail making for the ideal off road riding. I climbed steep long hills that were soft and sandy for a safe fun fall, you know the kind where you land on your back and laugh your ass off because its like beach sand. However it requires lots of power and water cooling to boat plow up the hills. I would take off far from the base to get momentum in 3rd gear roaring the engine slowly losing speed as I went vertical 100 feet to as slow as 5-10 MPH while the rear wheel was doing 45 MPH throwing up a 20 foot rooster tail all the way up. The flat areas were also 2-4 foot powder making for fast boating through the canyons along the river for at least 30 miles in every direction. Haven't had so much fun in this type of riding area since I was a teen at Saddleback riding Park CA, long ago closed and development. What is funny is why in this area predominantly rocky is this place so sandy for so many miles? As if it were created this way separately.

Today It was time to pull the Ozark out on this calm cool morning of 75 degrees before it got hot. As much as the Ozark is not my preferred off road toy until I decide to sell it I must give it  its fair share of riding if I dont want to start giving me trouble from lack of exercise. Hard to believe but if you want it to work right you have to ride it to keep all the fluids flowing. So after my routine 6 mile 0500 mountain bike ride and 0700-0800 Denise Austin workout, I loaded up the Ozark in the truck at 0830 and head over to the same sandy area near Topock and the Colorado River wildlife preserve. It is pure clean dirt with molehills and soft sand washes, perfect for ATVs. The recent Dynojet carb kit I put in my Ozark would really be put to the test. The place was amazing and looks like your on another planet and the ride was like a roller coaster as you climb and fall over one mole hill after another expecting to see the "Tummy Tums" dancing over the next mole hill. What amazed me more was the lack of riders in an area as I only counted two jeeps and three ATVs. So it seems this place is a well kept secret. I finally found a secluded section of the River by following the endless sugar sand washes to the river, which in these areas is a marsh and bird sanctuary. It never ceases to amaze me what God has created for us to enjoy.


**See pictures above of riding area.