Monday, May 15, 2006

Down to the local bicycle shop

After one hour of Denise Austin this morning supplemented by a couple sessions of kick boxing exercises (book I picked up in Padia Beach Thailand), I managed to get the endorphins flowing. But now it was time to get at least one bike fixed so I removed the back wheel and went down to the local bike shop and after a $5 inspection I was shown that the axle was bent on my Chinese made bike. Long story short I opted for a complete and better-made wheel from Taiwan, and I must admit that it was obviously better made then what they are making on the mainland.  So $48 lighter I return home and swap out the old tire and spoke tape onto the new rim and it slipped in like a dream. Bent axles are usually defects so this should be the last problem of this sort I have since the bike now has about 600 miles on it. I am still not ready to buy a $600 bicycle as that money can go toward my future KTM 450 EXC (dirt bike of the year), or maybe a Triumph Scrambler if its in the stars. Anyway I posted a couple pictures.