Wednesday, April 12, 2006

ET3 Nate USCG & Sandy (programmer & musician) Visit!

Looks like I will finally have some visitors as my daughter Sandy (musician & programmer) will be coming April 23 to celebrate our mutual birthday as she will be 21 and I 49. Both Taurus’s we share allot of interest and it will be fun to finally give her lessons on the RM100 (also known as the KX100) I bought used last fall for visitors. As some of you know I modified this small MXer into the perfect beginner trail bike according to the article in the "Motorcycle Daily" A picture of it above next to my larger Suzy DRZ400. In addition I must get the maintenance done on the Speedster's twin 720 engines to take us up river to Lake Havasu for some spring brake observations, Speedster & Sandy next picture above.

Then my son Nate will be coming home for an extended visit in July after 4 years honorable service in the Coast Guard just after his 23 birthday. On a short visit last fall he took a crash course on the DRZ400, picture 3 above. But now that I have the RM100 we will be able to ride together. So I am like any typical loner out in the desert pacing the colored gravel in my planned community waiting for my visitors to arrive, laughing to myself like a mad man, picture of my home with house numbers blotted out (BLOG rules).