Monday, April 24, 2006

Birthday weekend in Havasu

My daughter came down for the weekend from North Hollywood where she works as a software programmer for an upstart company and is also a musician songwriter. We celebrated our birthdays this weekend by loading up the Speedster and putting into the Colorado River Saturday and pushed the throttles forward toward London Bridge lake Havasu about 50 miles down river. I had forgotten how long the trip was and we hit unexpected 30-knot head winds that translated into 2-3 foot seas once at the headwaters of lake Havasu. We stopped for lunch along the way on one of many small secluded beaches (see pic). Back on the river we enjoyed the sun and warm  wind which gave us a mild foot burn (see foot pic ). Most of the river is deep and clear with strong currents and undertows against steep cliffs which make having twin engines on the river handy should one engine stall (see cliff pic).   There is a party spot half way between Bullhead and Havasu where a huge sand-bar spits the river and where spring party boaters purposely run aground get out of their boats and walk on a foot of water (see water walk pic). After a couple beer drenching fun fights with the natives we headed on down river and finally met the head waters of Havasu and London Bridge canal where hundreds of party boats come to line the canal beneath London Bridge, amazing how the bridge disassembled in England then reassembled here in Havasu (see pic). Back home my daughter takes a rest after a long 100-mile trip in the sun.

Sunday although sore and toasty from the boat ride, we agreed it was time for the first dirt bike ride lesson on the Suzy RMZ 100 while as the instructor I road the Ozark ATV carrying supplies incase we needed to tow the bike back. After the usual lecture on controls safety and goals we proceeded with warm up and a few simple laps getting acquainted with the clutch, brakes, and 6 speed trans. In no time at all my daughter was taking the lead on simple trails (see pics) and only laid the bike down once, but better here first then the street. Anyway we had a great time and ended the day at the Riverside Casino where at approximately 12 midnight we ordered two cranberry vodka cocktails to celebrate her 21st birthday.