Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well back from LA and visiting my mom, sister, nephew, and daughter. The B12 (my motorcycle) worked awesome with the new modifications I made and wouldn’t you know it, after all the high speed testing and exhibition I got a ticket on US40 on the way back to Bullhead after slowing down to 80 in the slow lane. You got to keep an eye out for those dam desert overpasses, to boot my fellow LE officer card did not dissuade the 22 year old officer from giving me a citation (1st time in 4 years). This is all very funny to me because while in LA traveling the 405, 91, I5, and 210 freeways I have to maintain speeds as high as 90 mph just to stay in the fast lane with the flow of traffic and on a motorcycle the only safe lane is the fast lane on any freeway. Anyway not much in the way of pictures but above is a picture of mom making breakfast, musician daughter playing some of her songs after waking (Face covered if famous one day), and her cat Bentley recovering from an operation.